Monday, April 25, 2005

" The Incredibles"....Incredibly Blasphemous ?

Okay, so last night I sat down with my "Special Lady" to watch a little Academy Award winning animated movie called "The Incredibles"...Thinking that I was in for a relatively conrtoversy free bit of DVD watching...Which I was...Until the "water scene"...It starts pretty innocently, a young superhero, Dash(his superpower is blazing speed, the name is a delightful pun) running from some bad guys...And then all of a sudden, he's running on top of the water...I had to rub my eyes...running on top of the water ????...excuse me ? I think there's only one guy who could do that...A little long haired fella by the name of Jesus Christ !! What are these people trying to say ? That this young man is the second coming of Christ ? Or are they implying that Jesus was actually a superhero ? I don't know which would upset me more...I don't know WHAT to think right now...I mean, the whole thing just seems so wrong...But on the other hand...If Jesus WAS a superhero, it would seem to be wise to publicize that fact a bit more, don't you think ? Well, I am just at a loss here, I have to watch the movie again, I think, and see if there is any more blaspheming in it...Plus this time I won't eat so much nutmeg...That could have affected my perception as well...


Next Time: "Freddy Got Fingered"- A retelling of the Book Of Job ?..Or just aimless stupidity ?

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