Sunday, May 15, 2005

" George Burns was right... business is a hideous bitch goddess."- Bart Simpson

okay, that's VERY random..oh well, I guess it's just a random tickets on the way home tonight, but why couldn't the police give me some sort of recogniton for NOT breaking any traffic laws, huh ? Maybe a nod, a polite wave ? Just where the hell is MY parade ?!?!?!...boy, I'm tired...I ripped my pants today...actually, I didn't rip them, but they got ripped...actually, the Club attacked them as I climbed into my automobile this afternoon, and enlarged the pocket against its will...not a pretty sight...not at all...I had spaghetti and meat sauce for lunch today...chicken for dinner...I'm thinking of changing my middle name to Margaret..what do you think ?...I'm secure enough in my masculinity for that, I think...I should probably go to bed...but first, I would like to talk to you about Lyme Disease...did you know that was the original name for 7-UP, but they thought it had a negative connotation...Well, good night all...

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