Saturday, May 14, 2005

Primer...What The F#*k ?

Has anyone seen the movie "Primer" ? If so, could you tell me what the hell happened ? I watched it, but by the end, I had no idea what was going on...I plan to watch it with the director's commentary, to see if that helps...but, damn, I'm confused.

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jen said...

I don't have a complete handle on it either but I believe the story is this - that the one friend prevents the ex-boyfriend from shooting people at that party (remember the one scene when they are running at night chasing what they think is someone's father and they run to the back of a house and three people are lying on the ground?)and that they get obsessed with going back to make sure this does/does not happen exactly the way they though it did? I got lost on that aspect. Essentially unlike Homer who accepts when things are almost back to normal, the two friends keep going back and back and back again to try and repeat the first day exactly but they can never do that exactly because they aren't doing it the first time. does that make any sense?