Sunday, June 19, 2005

A Refreshing ride home...

" Her comes another song about Mexico
I just can't help myself
I lost my old lady
Got my lures, got my bobbers
No I'm gonna go
Got off in the wrong direction
Found a hooker and lost my erection
So I had to lie in a letter to the boys back home"- "Mexico"-The Refreshments

Okay night at the Blueberry alarms, no sprinklers...LOTTA drinking...LOTTA yelling and screamimg and Whoo-hooing !! 16 cases of beer leftover...This was a loud PAR-TAY, I'll tell you what...

"Cuz everybody knows
That the world is full of stupid people
So meet me at the mission at midnight
We'll divvy up there
Yeah, everybody knows
That the world is full of stupid people
But I've got the pistols
So I'll keep the pesos
Yeah, that seems fair."- "Banditos"- The Refreshments

You know, the more dangerous, stupid, illegal things I see people doing in their cars on my late night drives home, the angrier I get that going through a yellow light is costing me a hundred and fifteen bucks and traffic school.

By the way, it is really, really hard to drive 25 miles per hour on an empty road. Try it almost feels like you're going backwards...

" See Dick, see Jane
See how they both complain
See how they they go round and round over nothin' at all
Me Dick, You Jane
See how we both complain
See how we get all wrapped up about nothing at all
Here's your suckerpunch" - "Suckerpunch"- The Refereshments

I'm still reeling about this Destiny's Child breakup, or "retirement" as they are calling it...I'm not sure I can go on

Speaking of buzz...anyone hear any scuttlebutt on that new "it" couple Jentrick ?

Sleep well, crimestoppers...try the veal...


Christine said...

Yes, the wire services were all abuzz about Jentrick's latest antics. I, for one, don't believe it.

Anonymous said...

Do tell...

Christine said...

Oh, the confrontations with fans on the red carpet, the public nudity, tearing up Oprah's studio, the dining and dashing, you know, the usual. And this whole "pregnant with twins" publicity stunt. I really don't buy that one.

d.edlen said...

How I wish we could go to Circus Mexicus this October...

Paticus said...

d.-That's with his "new"(meaning new to me) band right ? I've never really heard them. I love that refreshments album, but that's about the extent of my knowledge. i've seen a couple of the newer songs on Youtube, and I've been meaning to investigate.