Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Why All The Swears ?

I was recently spending some time with my good friend Gavin McLeod, we were on an eeling expedition in the Antarctic(the coldest eels are the best eels, I always say)...and Gavin turned to me and he said " Chimpy,(he calls me Chimpy because once when we were at the zoo together, I was bitten by a chimpanzee with a venereal disease, and I almost died from complications, we laughed and laughed...hmmm...good times) I recently took a gander at your blog, that Sandwich Flats thing you spend your time on...And it was mildly amusing in a special needs kind of way(believe you me, that is HIGH PRAISE from the Gav)...but I must ask you...Why all the swears ?"
I looked at him for a minute, then I looked out into that cold, cold ocean...and I said..."Gavin, my friend...you old bastard...I guess I use all the swears for the same reason that I smoked cigarettes, smuggled opium in from Turkey, and watched "Friends"...It makes me look cool".
"Chimpy," Gavin said" you are an idiot"
"Thanks, Cap'n." I said. Thank you Captain, indeed.

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