Sunday, August 14, 2005

"Driftin' Away On Lake Shore Drive With Kid Rock & The Replacements

" Gimme the beat, boys and free my soul
I wanna get lost in your rock 'n' roll
And Drift Away"- Drift Away- Dobie Gray

Another misheard lyric of my youth, I used to think he was singing "Gimme the Beach Boys and free my soul" and I always kinda thought that must have made the Beach Boys feel pretty good about themselves...

" Thanks for the joy that you've givin' me
I want you to know I believe in your song
The rhythm, and rhyme and harmony
They help me along, keeping me strong"- Drift Away- Dobie Gray

Pretty uneventful wedding at the ole Blueberry today. There were some apparently suicidal youguns there though, walking perilously close to candles, running up and down marble staircases, playing with poisonous scorpions- real daredevils, these two.But they remained unscathed, and left unharmed, thank goodness.

" Jesus rides beside me
But he never buys any smokes"- Can't Hardly Wait- Replacements

So, I think there is a distinct possiblity that I was the ONLY sober person on Lake Shore Drive at 1 a.m. this morning- man, there was weaving and bobbing, and I think I saw a couple of cars with telltale bubbles and "hics" coming out of the windows, ALWAYS a dead giveaway..I feared for my life several times, but I got home safely, thank you very much...

So the Mets won today- thye beat the Dodgers- that's a good thing, and Pedro's pitching tomorrow(actually later today)

" I'll write you a letter tomorrow
Tonight I can't hold a pen
Someone's got a stamp that I can borrow
I promise not to blow the address again"- Can't Hardly Wait- Replacements

So a guy on the street today told me that "Just like him, I was a good man...and that I would have someone in my life someday." I didn't have the heart to tell him that he was incorrect, that I already had a Special Lady, but then I thought about it, why would he assume that I was alone ? My unkempt mop of graying hair ? The beard ? My generally unpleasant facial features ? My poor choice of hosiery and footwear ? My less than stellar physique ? Hmmm...I'm not much of a catch, am I ? It's a good thing that I helped my Special Lady dispose of a body in her wilder days, it keeps her around, I'm sure...If she were to leave, I might just have to contact the authorities...Ahhh, sweet blackmail, the generally unpleasants' best friend...I guess that poor guy was wrong about me being a good man as well, wow, he was having a shitty predicting day, that's for sure...I hope he didn't buy any lottery tickets...

" I said it too many times
And I still stand firm
You get what you put in
And people get what they deserve" Only God Knows Why-Kid Rock

I gotta say, I love the fact that Kid Rock wrote a song about the difficulties of rock stardome BEFORE he was a rock star- that is TOTALLY KICK ASS !!!!

Alright, I should go to bed...sleep well everyone...make sure you try the crepes...



annie said...

how clever to blend dobie gray,the replacements and kid rock in one post. you go way beyond eclectic! that's pretty damn cool, dude. oh, and what is "blueberry?"

Paticus said...

Why thank you very much, Annie. It's the music that was on the mixed CD i listened to on my ride home from work...And the Blueberry is my fiendishly clever(read:not very clever at all) psuedonym for the library where I work...I think there's a clue in one of my earler posts...Good to have you reading !!

Anonymous said...

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