Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Sleep-Deprived And Theorizin' On Billy Joel Lyrics

So, I'm not getting a shitload of sleep lately, and that does some weird things to my brain...For instance, I recently heard the Billy Joel song "Scenes From An Italian Restaurant"...It's the one that starts out as some sort of romantic come on, but then turns into a story song about Brenda and Eddie(you know- the popular steadies, and the king and the queen of the prom, driving around with the cartop down and the radio on ?) and he sings about how they graduate from high school and get married and then fight and divorce...Now here's where I ask you to open up your mind reeeeaaaal wide...He starts the narrative about people being there waving Brenda and Eddie goodbye at their wedding, then he sings about them setting up their home, and money getting tight and them breaking up...Then he ends it with "That's all I heard about Brenda and Eddie, I can't tell you more because I told you already, and here we are waving Brenda and Eddie goodbye"...Now here's what I was theorizing, what if all the post marriage stuff didn't actually happen ? And the narrator was just being this cynical dude at their wedding ? And he was talking about what was going to happen to them ?What do you think ?


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