Friday, December 23, 2005

We Made It !!!!!!!!

Sandwich Flats is now operating out of Tallahassee Florida !! Immediately upon crossing the state line, a gator absconded with one of the cats, AND my rare collection of naked pictures of Peter Falk, luckily, I was able to rassle our belongings away from the gator, ansd I think we now have a mutual respect, i have decided to name him "Chompy" and I will always be able recognize him as I brained him with a waffle iron, and he has a distinct Mickey Mouse ears pattern across his snout now...Oh, that Chompy...I wonder what wacky adventures he will have ? Anyhoo, just wanted to let y'all know we arrived, and I will be regaling you with my tale of the road very very afraid....


Anonymous said...

Those Peter Falk photos can't be too rare. A guy was selling a shitload of them on the train at 47th.

Paticus said...

Oh yeah, there are thousands of nude Peter Falk ever been at a party with the guy ? He won't keep his pants on...but this particular set of photos is relatively rare,as they depict Peter nude on the set of Columbo...they are the only ones of their it's understandable that Chompy would want them...

c2 said...

Oh, believe me, I know all about Peter Pantless!

(wrong Peter, tee-hee!)

Lauren said...


Chicago will never be the same.

Dimitri said...

I know...It just got better, right ? Haw-Haw...

Paticus said...

Aaah....Dimitri...My old nemesis...I should have known you would wait until I was a thousand miles away before you show your scaly little head...You bastard....You have always blamed me for your failings on the Johansen Project, when it was in fact your own lack of intelligence that led to your downfall and your facial disfigurement...I earned that grant money to further my research on the effects of snack cake consumption on rabid chinchillas...My project was simply more dynamic than your focus on monkeys' fascination with their own poop...That's not my fault...You must move on,'s the only way you'll survive !

Chicago said...

Dear Paticus, and your new love, Florida:

There you are
Lookin' just the same as you did,
Last time I touched you
And, here I am
Close to gettin' tangled up
Inside the thought of you
Do you love him
as much as I love her
And will that love be strong
When old feelings start to stir
Looks like we made it
Left each other on the way,
To another love
Looks like we made it
Or I thought so, till today
Until you were there
And all I could taste was love
the way we made it
Love's so strange
Playin' hide and seek, with hearts
And always hurtin'
And we're the fools
Standin' close enough to touch
Those burnin' memories
And if I hold you
For the sake of all those times
love made us lose our minds
Could I ever let you go
Oh, no...we made it
Left each other, on the way
To another love
Looks like we made it
Or I thought so, till today
Until you were there
And all I could taste was love
the way we made it

Love Always,
The Windy City

Paticus said...

Oh Chicago...Dear, sweet Chicago...Why couldn't you have talked to me like this before ? i might not have left...But it's too late now...And as I told you before, there is nothing going on between Florida and I...My leaving was about me needing to get to know ME...See, you never listened Chicago, that was part of the problem...You broke my heart...