Thursday, January 19, 2006

I Think I Invented This...

And if I didn't...Oh well, but I came up with a new hybrid swear the other day, that I think is pretty nifty..."hellfuck"...My first usage was asking myself "Just what in the hellfuck is going on here ?"...But I have used it several times since then, and I am pretty fond of it...I only regret that I didn't discover it soon enough to name one of my children Hellfuck...Man, that would have been sweet..."Hellfuck, git over here !" "Hellfuck, put down those cookies." " Kick that ball, Hellfuck." "Hellfuck, it's time for your first communion." It's unisex too. Sigh...Aw, what the hellfuck, anway, right ?


c2 said...

Hellfuck and SHAZAM that's a great word!

Copyright 2006. Paticus.

Feral Mom said...

Hellfucker. Can I use this?
BTW, didja know that Doctor Mama (hot new blogger on the blog, thirty some comments each post) has you in her blogroll? You are da bomb!

Paticus said...

Feral Mom,
Hellfuck yeah...Use away !! I want it to enter popular usage like "what" or "is" !!
I did notice that DoctorMama added me to her blogroll..I also noticed it was thanks to my Feral Award...It's better than gold, I tell you...All Hail Feral Mom !!!