Sunday, February 12, 2006

"Is This Diabetic Heaven ? No...It's Tallahassee..."

(Thank you "Field Of Dreams")

So, on our first night in Tallahassee, we stayed in a Comfort Inn, and around 9 p.m., it was discovered that we were without Infant's Mylicon, which is a gas reducer, which is imperative if you have three month old twins prone to uncomfortable gas which results in uncomfortable screeching and no sleep for anyone....I was dispatched to trek to the CVS across the way to secure said medicine...This particular CVS was lit up like a baseball stadium, a beacon in the dark Florida night, and oh my, was there magic inside...I entered the store and wandered around a bit...I found the Mylicon, and wandered some more...And that was when I came across it...This CVS had a diabetic section !!!! I was i heaven...There were special diabetic socks !! Glucose tablets in all shapes and flavors !!! Glucerna bars and shakes(both meal AND snack varieties !!) Sugar free hard candies !! Sugar free chocolate !!!! Diabetic cough syrup !! Foot lotions !! It was amazing !!! I for a second thought it must be a mirage, brought on by travel and general weariness...I reached out to inspect the glucose tablets more closely(they were GRAPE !!), and I figured that as I reached for them, the whole scene would shimmer, and I would be on my knees in the parking lot, sobbing uncontrollably, but they held mass as I picked them up...I quickly put them down and picked up the socks...They were real as well !! it was ALL REAL !!!! I bought myself a box of glucose tablets in a variety of flavors( the box had four separate foil packages of six tablets each- 1 packet of grape, 1 of watermelon, 1 of raspberry, and 1 of tropical fruit) and went to pay for my purchases, but I made a vow to myself that I would return...And I have, but here's the kicker...Just about all of the pharmacies have been in here in the Hassee have this same type of section !! (What the fuck, Chicago ? Why couldn't you help a brother out ?)...I don't know if it's the large elderly population, or if it's some sort of guilt response for the extreme sugar danger of the orange and it's related products(I'm looking YOUR way, orange juice)...But I have arrived in Diabetic Heaven...Why, even as I type this, I am enjoying a Halls Defense Sugar Free Vitamin C Supplement Drop(Assorted Citrus) , readily available here in the Hassee!! My glucose levels thank you, Tallahassee !!!

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