Thursday, March 30, 2006

Totally random Shit...

Chris Elliot is FUCKING Hilarious !!

I was introduced to the taste sensation that is the Pita chip a few days ago, and I am hooked, my friends.

John Hodgeman might just be funnier than Chris Elliot...

Wait, that ain't true, John Hodgeman is really fucking funny as well...But Chris Elliot has in his lexicon one of the greatest bad movies EVER made(Haven't seen "Cabin Boy" ? Go get it, it's a laugh riot !!), one of the all time great sitcoms(Get A Life) AND the single best Marlon Brando impression EVER from Late Night W/David Letterman in the 80's- it was fucking hilarious !! He would come on as Brando and try and hock his exercise equipment or tell jokes( He would tell Dave,"I got you with a comedy jab, a zinger !! I'm a comedy porcupine !!) I know a lot of my friends hated it, but I thought it was pure genius !! Plus, he was the Guy Under the Seats, the Fugitive Guy- the list goes on and on...

I am convinced that the people who make baby clothes have NEVER had to put clothes on an infant !! WHY WOULD YOU PUT BUTTONS ON THE BACK OF A SHIRT ?? WHY WOULD YOU MAKE OVERALLS THE DON'T OPEN AT THE BOTTOM ? WHAT THE HELLFUCK !!!???!!???!??

I'm a little fuzzy on something...Is it better to have my dance moves described as "dope", "or off tha hook" ? And where does "fly" fit in these days ?

Oh, and that Sons & Daughters show ? This week, not only did the Garcia riff from "Althea" intro the show, they also played "Ripple" during the show, and the main character talked about having gone to Dead shows !! Kick Ass !!

Have I ever mentioned that I think the Grateful Dead are pretty okay ?

Buy the way. I happened to catch a whiff of my armpit at 5 a.m this morning, before any sort of showering had occurred, and the Old Spice RED Zone was STILL WORKING...Trust me, THAT IS IMPRESSIVE !!!

I still like toast.

Well, I think that's enough for now...Catch y'all later, crimestoppers...

"Rat in a drain ditch,
Caught on a limb
You know better, but I know him
Like I told you
What I said
Steal your face right off your head"- He's Gone- Hunter/Garcia


c2 said...

Wow--I am now officially caught up on All Things Paticus (ATP).

*jaime said...

did you know that Chris Elliott has a novel out? My dad braved a sea of geeks to go to a reading and get me a signed copy. It's pretty weird. . .but funny if you constantly imagine Chris Elliott's voice reading it to you.

Paticus said...

I totally forgot about his novel ! thanks for the reminder. It is on my list, as is Assassination Vacation by Sarah Vowell...I am currently in the middle of "The Areas Of My Expertise" by John Hodgeman, and it's fantastic, but with the two lovely ladies in my life, I have a hard time reading more than a page or two at a time, it seems...Maybe I'll have finished it by the time they're six !

Frank said...

Chris Elliot is pretty funny. I always liked the Letterman stuff and would like to see some of it again. I wasn't a big fan of Get a Life at first--in fact, I hated it--until "Your cockfights suck, you rat bastard!" And then it clicked. Senor Krugler has always loved Elliot and sometimes answers to "Cabin Boy."

And Hodgeman is excellent on The Daily Show.