Monday, June 26, 2006

An Arctic Flavor Dance Party In My Mouth !!!!

No, this is NOT my first erotic story post, so put yer damn pants back on..This is about a new flavor sensation in the world of chewing gum !!!!!!!
Have any of you tried this new "IceBreakers Ice Cubes Instantly Cold Gum" ? Jumpin' Jesus on a pogo stick, this stuff is magical !!!!
On the box, it claims to be "Ultimate Mouth Freshening", and I'll tell you what, I think that might be a understatement...Holy smokes, this shit is THAT GOOD !!!!!!
I have tried three of the flavors:
Bubble Breeze
Dragonfruit Breeze

I don't know why Spearmint doesn't get a "breeze" attached to it, it certainly deserves it.

But anyway, the gum comes in little cubes(hence the "Ice Cubes" contained in the title, and you pop two of those in your mouth...And let the Arctic Mouth Party BEGIN !!!!!!

It feels kinda like...You know, words escape me right now, just try the damned gum, your life will NOT be the same !!