Thursday, July 20, 2006

Name That Lyric Epsiode 13: Didn't Johnny Mathis Do A Cover Of That Song ?

Episode 13: Ooooooh, the 13th episode and it's on a Friday...Oh, hellfuck, I got nothin'...I have been frantically preparing for my vacation, so I got no little vignette or witticism for you(which makes this different than Episodes 1-12, how ?)

Last week, guppyman correctly identified
"You dreamed of a big star,
he played a mean guitar
He always ate at the steak bar
He loved to drive in his Jaguar." as being from "Welcome To The Machine" by Roger Waters, performed by Pink Floyd, my little nod to the recently departed Syd Barrett. Bravo, guppyman, Bravo !!!

okay, this week's Lyric:

"I'll write you a letter tomorrow
Tonight I can't hold a pen"

Good Luck, Crimestoppers !!!!

P.S. I am going on "vacation" starting tomorrow...Okay, so the State of Florida calls it "community service", but hey, potAYto/potAHto, right ? Anyway, I will have some internet access, so I might be able to post, but I might not. Either way, I will be back on July 30th.

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The Replacements "Can't Hardly Wait"