Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Single Christians in Your Area Are Looking For You

That was the title of an e-mail I recently received.

My first response ? HOLY SHIT !!!!! No pun intended.

What had I done to deserve this ? WHY were they looking for me ?

The e-mail did not provide much more information, it was just a rather menacing looking photo of a man and a woman. Staring at me. They definitely look like they are looking for me.

I really appreciate the warning. This D. Ating person that sent the e-mail is really looking out for me, I just wish that he/she had provided a little more information. Why didn't he/she ? Did the single Christians get to them before they could finish the transmission ? Did I only get a fragment of what they were trying to send ? Or is it all the info that D. Ating could decode so far ? I am at a real loss here, people.

I just don't know what I have done specifically to piss off this particular group of Christians. I am also a little concerned that they seem to be seeking me singly, I mean, if it was a mob of Christians, I might have a better chance of picking them out, but the fact that they are all working independently toward a common goal is a little bit EXTRA frightening, don't you think ?

I think I need to lay low for awhile. At least until the single Christians abandon their dogged pursuit.

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