Tuesday, September 05, 2006

What Movie Is This From: Episode XVII:"Will You Go To The Harvest Dance With Me ?"

C'mon, it might be fun...We could get dressed up...Rent a limo...I mean, it wouldn't be a date or anything...We could just go as friends....

Okay... Onto the game.... We had a winner last week !! the lovely Lauren(closely followed by the lovely C2) correctly identified: "I was just nowhere near your neighborhood." as being from "Singles". Bravo, Lauren, bravo, and Cheerio, and all that,quite right, quite right.

Onto this week's quote:

A movie from 1984:

"Normally you don't see that kind of behavior in a major appliance."

Good luck, Crimestoppers !!!


Lauren said...

oooo...that one is so ghostbusters isn't it?

ha ha, i'm on a roll! i think?

c2 said...

D'oh! The curse of a woman with nothing else to do!

Paging Dr. Peter Venkman....