Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Further Evidence That Veronica Mars Is The Coolest Show On TeeVee...

Let's review the evidence so far:

The writing and acting are TOP-NOTCH.

Even peripheral(and slowly growing) characters are fleshed out(Example: Dick, who certainly lives up to his name, but they make him just real enough that you don't completely despise him)

Logan & Veronica; one of the best, most complex romances on television, and again, well written and realized.

Veronica and her Dad are banterriffic !!

Alyson Hannigan has guest starred(and hopefully will again soon!)

Manages to be both serial, AND have episodes stand alone as well, something that Buffy the vampire Slayer did as well.

(To those who watch- did I miss anything ? I should rephrase that- What did I miss ?)

And finally, last night, THEY QUOTED THE BIG LEBOWSKI !!!!!! I almost fell off the couch, I was so excited !! Logan runs up and grabs Veronica, and what does she say ? "Careful man, there's a beverage here!!"


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