Friday, October 13, 2006

List: My 100 Favorite Albums: Part 3: 60-41

60.Bat Out Of Hell- Meat Loaf -It's ridiculously overdramatic and bloated, but I love this record. And you know, when I first heard "Paradise By The Dashboard Light"(One of the greatest song titles EVER, by the way), I thought that the play by play by Phil Rizutto was just from the game that the couple in the song was watching on TeeVee. The double entendre-ness was lost on me. Oh, to be young and innocent again.

59.Wake Of The Flood- Grateful Dead- What the....ANOTHER Grateful Dead album ? Who the fuck do I think I am ? Some great tunes on this one: "Row Jimmy", "Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodleoo"," Eyes Of The World", "Weather Report Suite"," Stella Blue"(Dust off those rusty strings just one more time? Gonna make 'em shine), and of course, Keith Godchaux' one and only lead vocal, "Let Me Sing Your Blues Away".

58.Who's Next- The Who- "Baba O'Riley"(Yes, I admit that for awhile when I was a young naive lad, I thought that "Baba O'Riley" was called "Teenage Wasteland". You KNOW I'm not the only one.), "Won't Get Fooled Again"- This album is the like the C.S.I. franchises' soundtrack.-"Goin' Mobile" is a great song. I know they always say that Led Zeppelin was the loudest band ever, but I thinkIi would have to put my money on the Townshend,Daltrey, Entwistle, and Moon version of the Who. Just a great album. I will also admit that I saw the album cover maybe a 1000 times before I realized that they had all just pissed on that monument.

57.You Got To Sin To Get Saved- Maria McKee- I love Maria McKee. This is my favorite album of hers. It's the closest thing she has to a great album, in my opinion. She has a great voice, and writes some great songs, but both with Lone Justice and as a solo artist, she has never made a really great album. This one comes close. The title track is an uptempo, rollicking number, just a lot of fun. Then there's a great tune called "I'm Gonna Soothe You", that is one of my all-time fave Maria McKee tunes. Great album.

56.Born To Run- Bruce Springsteen- Another example of how this list got pretty random somewhere in the 20s.The 20s of this list, not the 1920's.) I love this record.I think it always suffers a bit(unfairly) in my mind due to it's popularity, but it is a kickass rock 'n' roll record. "Thunder Road" might be one of the greatest opening songs ever. "Jungleland" is streets of Jersey Opera. "She's The One" makes great use of the "Bo Diddley beat", and what can be said of the title track ? One of the greatest rock 'n' roll songs EVER.Period.

55.Dark Side Of The Moon- Pink Floyd- I don't think you can make a 100 Favorite Albums List without this album. I didn't even type it in here, it was just there when I turned around.

54.The Clash-The Clash : "The only band that matters."- Maybe not completely true, but pretty damn close.

53.Paul's Boutique- Beastie Boys - This album actually made me notice this band. i was not a fan of "Licensed To Ill", as I thought it was stupid.( I have since changed that stance slightly- It's still stupid, but i quite enjoy it now.)But this album was a completely different matter. It's so layered and dense.There's just so much shit going on, and it's damn funny.

52.Harvest- Neil Young -I love Neil. "Heart Of Gold", one of the greatest songs ever.

51.Running On Empty- Jackson Browne- HUGE Jackson Browne fan.This is a great, great record. Again, it took me an embarrassingly long time to realize that "Rosie" was about jerking off.

50.Aoxomoxoa- Grateful Dead -Is it the only palindromic album title ever ? Could be...Definitely the coolest one. Great for "St. Stephen" alone, but also has "Doing That Rag" and "Rosemary". In contrast to denseness on the Meat Loaf thing, and the Who thing, and the jackson Browne thing, I actually noticed pretty quickly that the top of the skull on this album cover looks an AWFUL lot like the tip of a johnson, and it looks like it is shooting something out of it, and the sun looks a lot like an egg with sperm trying to fertilize it...Or is that just me ?

49.3 Snakes And One Charm- Black Crowes- Great, great album. Worth it for "Girl From A Pawnshop" alone, but there are so many great tracks on this record. 'under A Mountain", "How Much For Your Wings"..It's trippy, it's hippie dippy, and I love every minute of it.

48.The Pretenders -The Pretenders-Chrissie Hynde kicks ASS !!! "Brass In Pocket","Precious"(How can you not love a song that references Howard The Duck-The COMIC BOOK, not that abomnation of a movie they made.Someone needs to remake that and do it RIGHT!)Punky, rock 'n'roll, and she's sexy as hell.

47.Life's Rich Pageant- R.E.M. - I still think this album is their finest hour. "Fall On Me" was the first R.E.M. song I heard, and I thought it was great. I think their records kinda went downhill from here, but this is a fantastic album.

46.Live/Dead- Grateful Dead - Absolutely fantastic live record. 23 minute "Dark Star", bluesy, funky "Turn On Your Lovelight" that is PigPen at his best. a "St. Stephen->The Eleven" that will knock your socks off. They don't get much better than this.(Then why is it at 46 ? Fuck if I know!)

45.Sound Of Lies- Jayhawks- i happened upon this album whilst i was working at "Wherehouse" records in Los Angeles in 1997, and I don't think I've gone more than a month or two since without listening to this record. It's great alt/country/pop. Beautiful voices, great lyrics.

44.The Harder They Come Soundtrack- Great reggae soundtrack. Jimmy Cliff,The Maytlas, Desmond Dekker. I tried to watch the movie once, but I could not understand a word of it. I needed subtitles. I still ove the record, though.

43.Weezer(Blue Album) : Oooh, Weezer. I loves me some Weezer. Both the band AND the Little Rascals character. But probably the band more. "Buddy Holly"-great fucking song! "Surf Wax America", "In The Garage", I could go on and on. Great great songs.

42.Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols: Need I elaborate ?

41.Purple Rain- Prince & The Revolution: This is a great record from a very talented, very odd man. And actually, I think a much better movie that people give it credit for. I'm not sure what else to say about this. I really enjoy listening to it. "Let's Get Crazy" and "Purple Rain" in particular. I think the man's a genius.

Okay, so there's 20 more. 40 to go !! How very exciting, huh ? The tension is driving me BATTY !!!

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