Thursday, November 30, 2006

Is This Common ?

There is practice in our apartment complex that I have never seen before, and I that I find kinda bonkers, but I am wondering if this is a fairly common practice, and I am just wrong on this(as I am on many aspects of modrn life).

Here it is: We live in a development, I guess you would call it, but it's apartments rather than houses. I don't know how many units(and I don't think it much matters) but I know it's more than 30, and less that 400,000. Anyway, there is a centralized trash compactor on the way out of the complex, which means that for most of the complex, it is easier to drive to the compactor with your trash.

Here's where things get weird for me. A fair number of the people who live in the complex put the trash ON the trunk of the car, or in the case of an SUV, on the ROOF of the car. Hell, I saw one car with the trash on the FRONT HOOD of the car. This is odd to me. I just put the garbage in the trunk of the car. It's a 2 minute ride. It really does not stink that badly, and I'm sometimes throwing out two babies' worth of used diapers for the week. Could our garbage really be that much cleaner than everyone else's ?

It also gets annoying(and disgusting) because occassionally, the garbage falls off of the car and breaks open....And what do our neighbors do ? Why, DRIVE AWAY, of course. What ? They should pick it up ? Just because it's their trash ? Those Pigfuckers.

So, am I way off on this ? Is this a common practice elsewhere ?

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laurenadoren said...

I've never seen that done, but I imagine that if you spent $50,000 on an SUV or whatever, you probably wouldn't want to get germs all over your fancy schmancy car.

Especially in Florida where your hot car would probably exacerbate the smelliness.

I imagine that would probably look very funny. I bet one crazy guy started the whole trend and now everyone else thinks that's the way it's done.

Leaving trash on the ground though? Stupid! Blech! Clean up your shit!