Monday, November 06, 2006

"Pardon Me, I Have Nothing To Say!!"- George Carlin

That's how I feel today. I want to write something, I feel for some reason like I SHOULD write something, but dadgummit if I ain't got nuthin' worth a sayin'!!

Perhaps I could go on a rant about how there are Christmas, oh, I'm sorry X-mas items and decorations up in some of the major stores !! Naw, I don't feel like it.

I could tell everyone that I got the IPOD Nano-esque(no, it doesn't play music) version of my OneTouch glucose meter at CVS on Sunday, and it's very small and super cool, but not a neat color or signed by U2 or anything. Naw, who really gives a rat's tush about that ?

I could try and explain why I thought it would be funnier to write "rat's tush" above instead of "rat's ass"...Naw, hardly seems worth the effort.

I could tell the story of how I once saved J.D. Salinger's life while white water rafting...Naw, who would want to hear about that ?

Perhaps a diatribe about the rising cost, lowering quality of healthcare ? Naw, it would take too much typing, and I can't afford to see the Doctor about the Carpal Tunnel.

I could tell folks that I always enjoyed the orange Life Saver more than the other flavors. I also have long thought that the Life Saver people would have been well served and clever to name their product Life Savors. Naw, that would just make me hungry.

I could share that I did not realize until well into my adulthood the double meaning of the name Lincoln Logs- that they were named after the whole "be Lincoln log cabin"thing, but the they also "linked" together, they are also "linkin' logs". Naw, that would be embarrassing.

Well, that feels like plenty of things not said.


c2 said...

And it was very well not said, too.


Feral Mom said...

Lincoln logs always make me think of turds. Did you know there's a brown Play-Doh now? Hours of fun. There, more things not said.

Lauren said...

Holy Cow.

"Linking logs."