Sunday, November 12, 2006

"Save the cheerleader...

...Save the world."


Avitable said...

Started off as a mediocre show but has improved significantly. I'm interested to see where they're taking it.

Paticus said...

I must admit, I was sucked in from the getgo, but I think now that they can spend less time explaining and establishing things, it is really getting into a good rhythm(sp? I never think that word looks right).I'm just glad they ordered the whole season's worth of episodes.

Anonymous said...

Heya! I've started downloading this show now, because UK TV sucks, so the only TV I watch now is what I download from America.

Anyways, I'm up to episode 5 or 6, and it's really awesome. I love it and am telling everyone to check it out.

The stuff with the Indian guy and the little Summer Roberts with a Mia Farrow haircut was boring and getting on my nerves, but now that she's "evil," that's becoming much more interesting!

I can't pick which superpower I'd want, though. Bending time, or regeneration? Or maybe Jess's ability to use everyone else's powers. Except I'd always be following all the people with good powers around and they might get annoyed.

Paticus said...

Anonymous(if that is your real name)- Isn't it great ? But I must say, I'm not so sure that Claire's Dad is completely "evil"...I think there are worse forces out there. I think he's trying to protect Claire(however misguided his methods may be. Whatever happens, I'm completely jazzed to find out.
As for the powers, I don't know which one I would want.Flying seem kinda cool.I have a feeling that being able to absorb other people's powers is not gonna be good for Peter at some point.
I also think that some of them(at least one) will die next week, I just can't decide who. I also think that a couple of them(Nikki, for sure) are going to turn out to be evil.
Thanks for the visit and the comment, by the way.

laurenadoren said...

Eh, it was just me being anonymous. Blogger is being dopey and not letting me sign into my non beta account, but not letting me use my new beta name either.