Wednesday, December 13, 2006

It's Wednesday Morning !!!!!!

And you all know what that means !!!

Don't you ?

Huh ?

You don't ?

Are you fucking kidding me ?

Doesn't anybody read the fucking MEMOS ?!?!?!? I sent the fucking thing out six God-damned weeks ago !! What the fuck, people ?

Starting on December 13th, 2006, Wednesday morning is Show and Tell !!!

So, none of you have anything to show or tell ?

That's just outstanding people. Really fucking outstanding. Why do I even bother ? What's the fucking point ?

I was going to tell about the time that I suggested a movie to former Yankee player(and current Yankee coach) Don Mattingly.(It was "Singles", by the way.) But, since no one else prepared anything, then I guess I'll just go sit at my desk and work on a spreadsheet.

Thanks for nothing.

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