Monday, December 11, 2006

What is Your Least Favorite Movie Ever ?

This is a tough question. It's a very fluid topic, it seems like there is always a new one to claim the top spot. And there certainly is a list to be made on least favorite movies(but that is for another post), as there is more than one, but I think, that I would have to say, that my least favorite movie ever, is "A.I." At least right now, and I think it has held the top spot for some time. Since it's release, probably. Now, I am not saying that it is necessarily the WORST movie ever made(though I would put it pretty high on that list as well), that is a different set of criteria all together(and another list, and another post). Should all together be one word ? If so, then pretend it is.

There are many factors that add up to A.I. being my least favorite movie ever.

First(and foremost), I think it sucks. It's too long. It's pointless. It doesn't make any sense. The carnival scene is so disjointed it makes me nauseous. I don't like the robot boy at all.

Second, I had to pay full price to see it, when I had intended to pay matinee price. We went to see it at 1 in the afternoon, and until that weekend, every show before 3 p.m. was a matinee. I asked for 2 tickets, gave the guy my 20 dollar bill, and he gave me 2 dollars in change and 2 ripped tickets. I inquired where the rest of my change was, and he informed me that only the first showing was a matinee, and since he had already ripped the tickets, we could not get our money back. Grrrr....

Third, Did I mention that it sucks ?

Fourth, I thought Spielberg had some nerve to think that he could "finish" a movie for Stanley Kubrick. I think Spielberg's a talented(if overrated) filmmaker, but he is not in Kubrick's class. I understand that he may have been trying to honor Kubrick, but I don't feel he did. I think the reason that Kubrick never made A.I. was because there was really not a movie there to be made yet. Spielberg produced a disjointed mess.

Fifth, what was I going to say ? Oh yeah...Um, it sucks ? A talking teddy bear ? Are you fucking kidding me ? Oh, I'm getting angrier just thinking about it.

Sixth, I don't think I have a sixth reason. I think that i have said enough.

What do you think ? Am I wrong on this ? What's your least favorite movie ever ? Why ?


c2 said...

The Blair Witch Project

I have to give them props for their film-making style, and even a bit for the ad campaign, how it built mostly on word of mouth. But that's where my good comments end. The bad comments:

1. All the pieces of the puzzle should have been in the movie, not spread out, and only accessible, on the website (which changed weekly, I heard), or the CD booklet.

2. I'm not afraid of sticks.

3. Your protaganist(s) should be likeable (hence, the "pro" in that word). If I'm sitting in the theatre, waiting/wishing/HOPING for your whiney ass to killed already, you have not engaged me.

4. It sucked, plain and simple. And I'm not even talking about the shakey camera angles--I don't care. I hated this movie, and I STILL want my money back.

Reel Fanatic said...

I've taken a lot of flack for this, but my least favorite movie of all time is Forrest Gump ... It's way too long by at least half, and what's there is unwatchable

Jenn of the Jungle said...

Watched Nacho Libre this weekend. It wins handsdown. Load of bollocks.

Feral Mom said...

Other than Slap Shot 2? The Phantom Menace, hands down. Because I was looking forward to it so much, hoping to relive my childhood, and then...Jar Jar Binks. Even the fucking Ewoks had more dignity.

Avitable said...

Naked Lunch. They were certainly not naked and I wasn't given any food whatsoever.

Also, King Kong.

Anonymous said...

I'm still mad at myself for sitting through all of A.I., and I only rented it.

I agree on Forrest Gump too. But Feral, I don't think any sequel-type movie qualifies; they're kind of bad by definition.

Feral Mom said...

But it isn't bad movies, it's least favorite movies. And Phantom is my least favorite. Sequel or no sequel, losing your (Star Wars) faith is hard. And yes, the Jedi whatever Revenge should have done it, but I was mesmerized by Leia's metal bikini. Anyway, the Ewoks are underrated. Oh dear, I've said too much.

Paticus said...

C2: I can see your point, but I must admit, I was pretty suckered in by the Blair Witch Project. I certainly have not had the need to see it again, but I enjoyed the first viewing.Though I do suspect that it would crumble under another viewing.
Reel Fanatic: I am with you on the Gump. I didn't hate it, but waaay overrated, and I think some of the moral statements it makes are sort of troubling(the dumbass who does what he is told succeeds, and the freer spirit who questions things dies.Hmmm...) and an Academy Award for Best Actor ? huh ? Thanks for the visit and the comment, by the way.
Jenn: I will take your word for it, that is not high on my list of things to see.
Feral Mom: You know, I actually covinced myself that I enjoyed "Phantom Menace" ? That's how badly I wanted to like it. That one's just too painful to think about.
Avitable: Amen. Wasn't it Nelson Muntz who said, "I can think of TWO things that are wrong with that title !" after he saw Naked Lunch ?
And King Kong, yeah.. I was actually longing for Jeff Bridges in his ZZ Top beard while watching that one. I am assuming you mean the Peter Jackson version ?
DoctorMama: well, you were much smarter than me on that one.
Feral Mom(redux)- I liked Return of The Jedi, and the ewoks really only reached critical mass at the end during the dance party. Plus, that bikini makes up for A LOT of flaws in Jedi.