Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Did This Happen Everywhere ?

I was watching Conan O'Brien last night...Okay, I TiVO'd it and was watching it this morning...I'm an old man, i can't stay up until 12:30. You fucking kidding me ?
But that's not what i wanted to talk about.

Sarah Silverman( I LOVES me some Sarah Silverman) was on last night, and she sang a song.
In the song she appeared to use the word "retarded". I say she appeared to say it because it was bleeped out.

Did anyone else see it ? Did NBC bleep it out ? Or was it just bleeped down here in the 'Hassee ? I have suspected before that they edit some things down here.

1 comment:

Avitable said...

Really? It was bleeped? I'll have to look around on Youtube and see if anyone posted it. That's fucking retarded!