Thursday, January 11, 2007

What Movie Is This From:Episode 35: My Ass Is On FIRE !!

Do Not Ask.

So, we had no winners from last week, nobody recognized

"I got a lotta goodies for you guys, and a Big Gulp Dr. Pepper for me !!"

was from "Cannonball Run", spoken by the brilliant Dom Deluise.

C'mon, you know a lot of you saw that movie. And I bet a fair number of you laughed at it too. It's okay, you can admit it. Fine, don't admit it...But I still think it's a pretty funny movie. Stupid ? Yes. Inane ? Yes. Pointless ? Of course. Funny ? You bet your ass.

Onto this week's quote:

A movie from 1983:

"Into the mud, scum queen!!"

Good luck, Crimestoppers!!"

Now, where are those Tucks ?


Anonymous said...

I never know this crap! Alls I know is that someday I need to rifle through your DVD collection. Like, seriously.

Avitable said...

I rarely guess these. And I'm ashamed to say that I've never seen Cannonball Run.

Paticus said...

Lauren: So, THAT'S why my DVD's were all over the floor this morning. You know, just because you rifled, that doesn't mean you can't pick up after yourself. And di you take my Anne Of Green Gables Special Edition 96 disc collection ?
Avitable: No shame, sir. I might have more reason to be ashamed for loving it so much. And as for guessing, you do have a win under your belt.