Thursday, February 15, 2007

Let's All Take a Big Swim In Lake Paticus...

Didja bring yer swimmin' trunks ? I sure hope that you did.

You know, I am constantly thinking about ways to make old Sandwich Flats even MORE fascinating than it already is...And I always come to the same conclusion...But since I don't have the money to hire someone with actual writing talent to write this blog, I must move on to secondary solutions...And one is for me to share more of myself with you...I just realized that the previous statement could be construed as some sort of prelude to some form of artistic nudity by old Paticus-Fear not, that is certainly not the case, and those of you that know me(and have seen me) will certainly want to bow down and thank whatever deity it is that you believe in for that fact.

No, my friends, I am talking about sharing some of my stories, the tales from my life.

But what tales to tell ? What do you want to hear about ? I'm gonna try something, and it may backfire on me, as it could simply reveal how few people actually stop by and read this old blog, but I think I'll throw out a few choices, and you let me know what you'd like to hear.

1. The robbery.
2. The car fire
3. The time I saved Nelson Rockefeller's life(WARNING: NOT a true story)
4. My acting debut(and curtain call)-High school play.
5. The night My Special Lady Dumped Me.

So there are your choices. Speak, people, speak !!!


Avitable said...

I'm not going to offer an opinion - I enjoy reading whatever it is that you write.

Feral Mom said...

Prurient interest as a "friend of the couple" dictates #5. But life is long (Gawd willing) and blogs are forever (Blogger willing) so I hope you will do all 5. Heh heh. I said "do all 5."

lauren said...


(That's probably "All of the Above" in nerd-speak. Or probably not.)

Mark said...

Yeah, all of the above, so get writing!

Paticus said...

Avitable- You flatter me, sir.

Feral Mom, Lauren and Mark,
I must confess, I did sorta figure I would eventually write about all of them. And Feral Mom, unless there is some last minute flurry of votes, your purient inteerests will be served, and I will start off with the Kiss Off from My Special Lady.