Tuesday, February 13, 2007

What Movie Is This From: Episode XXXIX: You Wanna Grab Some Lunch ?

I hear there's a new Chinese/German fusion restaurant on the Promenade....They supposedly make a Sweet and Saurkraut Pork that is to die for. I'll meet you there at 12:15.

There is no winner to announce this week...Not one of the 5 billion people that visit this blog daily recognized that

"You can't, you know, just say "Hey, I'm Dave. I like smokin' pot. I like reading the sports page on the john...You wanna have sex with me ?"

was from "The Tao Of Steve"...Oh well, better luck next time. Which is...right now !!!!

A movie from 1982

"No thanks, I gave up stale toast for Lent."

Good luck, Crimestoppers !!


Filone Monk said...

Dude, you KNOW I got Tao of Steve. And for slighting me, I'm not going to dignify your new one with a response.

Paticus said...

Truthfully, Filone, I forgot we had that conversation. Honest mistake on my part, no attempt at slighting you in the least. But in the future, you must answer in the comments !!

Lauren said...

"The Tao of Steve"

Yeah! That one! I knew it! With that guy!