Friday, April 13, 2007

Name That Lyric Episode XLVIII: A Little Bit Of This, A Little Bit Of That...

First of all, I want to say a fond farewell to Mr. Kurt Vonnegut, who died yesterday. A brilliant mind, a brilliant wit. Some of the best books ever written(Breakfast Of Champions, Slaughterhouse Five, Mother Night, Deadeye Dick). There is a great quote from Deadeye Dick that someone reads off of a bathroom wall, and it contains three quotes, I remember the quotes(I think) and one of the speakers, but I do not remember the other two(I know they are philosophers), so when I find my copy of Deadeye Dick, I will share it with you properly, but here is the bastardized version that is in my brain:

"To do is to be"
"To be is to do"
" Do be do be do"- Frank Sinatra

Rest in Peace, Mr. Vonnegut, you will be missed.

A g=fare well to one comic genius, and a Happy Birthday to another- Happy 60th birthday to David Letterman, the true heir to Johnny Carson. An absolute genius. Have some toast on a stick and some Hudson River Jell-O on me.

Okay, on with the game...

We have a winner from last week, the lovely and talented Miss Ann Thrope correctly identified

"Did you ever wake up to find
A day that broke up your mind
Destroyed your notion of circular time"

as being from "Sway" by the Rolling Stones, what I believe to possibly be their finest song ever. Brava, Miss Ann, Brava !!!!

Onto this week's clue:

"Into the flood again
Same old trip it was back then
So I made a big mistake
Try to see it once my way"

Good luck, Crimestoppers !!

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Avalon said...

Flood - Alice In Chains

I'm THAT good.