Thursday, May 10, 2007

NORM !!!!!

No, that title is not a "Cheers"(the most overrated sitcom of the last 500 years) reference, but a shout out to the genius that is Norm MacDonald.

I watched the "SNL In the 90's" special on Sunday, and it mostly sucked, as it didn't show any full clips, and they spent about 14 seconds on Phil Hartman's death, AND Tina Fey(whom I think is hilarious-30 Rock is one of the funniest shows on TV) actually said that she thought the '89-90(or maybe the 90-91) cast of SNL was the funniest cast ever. HUH ? 1975 ? 1976 ? 1977 ? 1978 ? 1979? Tina's been smoking something stroooong !!

The only salvageable parts were the bit on Farley, and the part about Norm's firing. Which Don Ohlmeyer claimed was NOT because of Norm's constant O.J jokes on Update, but instead because it wasn't "funny". Bullshit, Ohlmeyer. He was the funniest thing on that show, and arguably the best Update host there was(it might be a 3 way tie with him, Chevy & Bill Murray). Don Ohlmeyer was an idiot to fire Norm, and Lorne Michaels was an idiot to let it happen. Norm is flat out brilliant.

Norm as Burt Reynolds ? Genius !!!

They did use one of the best Weekend Update jokes ever in the piece:

"Kenny G. came out with a Christmas album. Happy Birthday, Jesus- I hope you like crap."


Gigohead said...

I agree. But I dont' think Murray ever did WU. It was Dan Ackroyd perhaps. I may be wrong.

Norm's a good guy in person too. I've met him three times and he's a doll!!

Jeff Kos said...

I was a bit disappointed with the special too, though it did bring back some great memories. For me, '85 – '95 or so will always be the 10 years I love and remember most, simply because that's when I was watching. I was a high school sophomore in '85, when I really started watching, and I have to agree with Fey that the cast of the early 90s was the best... okay, at least on par with the original NRFPTPers. One of my top 5 sketches of all time was the McLaughlin Group. "Wrong!!!"

Loved Normy too, btw.

Paticus said...

gigohead- Both Murray and Akroyd co-hosted Update with Jane Curtin.
That's good to know a bout Norm. I think he's a genius, and it's good to know he's a good guy as well.
Thanks for the visit and comment!

Jeff- yeah, I have a definite fondness for that period as well, I just think that they don't compare to the original cast. that's definitey not saying that a lot of the early 90's stuff wasn't brilliant, it certainly was, and that is probably the next best cast to the original.As for the McLaughlin Group thing, I always remember one where he asked what everyone had for breakfast, and after they answered he said-'WRONG !!! You all had Special K with ba-na-na !!" I think of it everytime I say banana.