Thursday, July 26, 2007

"Set Out Running, But I Take My Time..."

The title doesn't really mean anything...Just a lyric from "Friend of the Devil"(or FOTD in setlist speak) which I happen to be listening to at the moment.( Show from April of 1987 from Joisey)

Does anyone watch "Last Comic Standing" ? (If not, then you are probably spending your time more wisely than My Special lady and I.)Well, I do. Or at least I did. After seeing the 10 Comics they picked, I don't know that I'll bother watching anymore.

Of the 10, 3(Doug Benson, Jen Schumer and {I'm sure I'm butchering the spelling of her name} Gina Yasheray) were actually really funny. One was amusing with some potential, and the rest were boring and unfunny. I am really disappointed. there were easily ten people funnier than the final 6 they picked. The best guy on the whole thing was a guy in a gorilla suit and a tuxedo that goes by the name of Mel Silverback. It's fucking hilarious.
I can't find his bit from last night, but here is a link to his website and a clip of his first appearance : .

Too damn funny. A shame they didn't pick him.

I don't think I have much else to say today. Simpsons Movie comes out tomorrow. Excellent(and yes, I was tenting my fingers.)

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