Friday, July 27, 2007


I saw the Simpsons Movie this morning...And it did not disappoint !!.. Really really funny.

It's brilliantly funny, a little bit heartwarming.

There's full frontal nudity !! Celebrity cameos(though fewer than I expected) !!! And sadly, one death.

Totally worth the money. Go see it. I was a little wary of it when they first announced they were making a movie, but the trailers were funny, and that got me excited for the movie in spite of myself, and as I said, it did not disappoint. I found it hilarious. I actually want to see it again. And I can't remember the last movie I wanted to see again in the theater.

They really went all out. The story is funny. It looks beautiful on the big screen as well.

Go see it !! Come tell me what you think. Oh, and stay through the credits.


chlorinejenny said...

I want to see it as well. It is the 14 year old boy in me!

I don't know though, is it really worth the $$ to see it in the theater or should I wait for the DVD?

Paticus said...

chlorinejenny- It really looked fantastic on the big screen. I am not at all sorry that I spent the $ 7.50 on it. I would probably have paid full price and not been upset.

Carolyn said...

So worth it. Go see it, go see it NOW, go on I don't care what time it is.

It was like the old Simpsons, the good ones. So very very funny.

Avitable said...

I loved it. I plan on going back and seeing it again, too.