Tuesday, August 07, 2007

What Movie Is This From ? Episode LXIII: Is It Wrong ?

I'm currently reading a book(okay, it's the new Harry Potter book-wanna know the big secret ? Hermione's a man !!!! Apparently, J.K. was a big fan of the "Crying Game" !! ha!) and characters i n the book are camping a lot. Is it wrong that I giggle a bit every time it is written that one of them "pitches the tent"?

Well, if that's wrong, than I don't wanna be right !!

Pitch a tent...hee-hee.

Okay, on with the game.

We have no winner from last week. Nobody recognized

"Suave! Goddamn you're one suave fucker! "

from "Blue Velvet".

Now, this week's clue:

A movie from 1979

"You, you with the banjo, can you help me? I seem to have lost my sense of direction! "

Hint: It's NOT Deliverance.

Good luck, Crimestoppers !!!


Lauren said...

Muppet movie! Muppet movie! Muppet movie!!

a.k.a. Zooomabooma said...

I was gonna guess The Jerk. Released 'round that time but does Steve Martin play the banjo in it? I don't remember... but he does indeed play the banjo.

Jennifer said...

I was going to guess the Jerk as well; but I think that was 80s and as soon as I saw the Muppet Movie guess I knew I was wrong. I can see the whole scene in my head -- Cedar and me always watch it.