Thursday, September 27, 2007

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

As I mentioned last week, I have started reading the Buffy the Vampire Slayer comic books.

I have finished the 6 that I have so far, and I am eagerly awaiting the next one. I only wish that there actually was a Season 8.

Whilst I wait for the next issue, I have decided to make not one, but TWO lists...Yes, no need to rub your eyes, you read that correctly...TWO lists...the Top Ten Things I Love About Buffy the Vampire Slayer...AND...The Top Ten Things I Hate About Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Even though the show has been off the air for a few years, I still better warn that there are some spoilers below.

Let's start negative, and build towards the positive, shall we ?

I think I will go with "In No Particular Order"...

1. Riley- I was so happy when he finally left. I only wished that they had killed him. He was such a whiny little bitch. He sucked the life(pun at least partially intended) out of every episode he was in.

2. Kendra- Her accent was awful. I didn't think she added much, though her death did bring about Faith.

3 & 4. They Killed Off Anya & HOW They Killed Off Anya- I loved Anya, and I was not happy that they killed her, but the fact that they killed her with so little fanfare, and with Xander making a joke about her after she died, that was unforgivable.

5. Principal Wood- I thought Spike should have killed him. I like him better as Wayne Palmer on 24.

6. Xander- I didn't always hate Xander, but he was a whiny baby too. there were some episodes that I wished he would die.

7. The General Whininess Of Season 6- Season 6 contains what I consider to be the BEST episode of Buffy(see #7 in my Ten Things I Love), and I like some of the other episodes, but I thought that the season overall was whiny, and it felt like it was stuck in some sort of loop. It's hard to describe, it just felt like just about every episode was about the same thing.

8. Riley- See # 1
9. Riley- See # 1
10. Riley- See # 1

And now, the Ten Things I Love About Buffy the Vampire Slayer

1. Faith- Good...evil...Does it matter ? She was hot and she kicked ass.

2. The moment when Giles kills Ben, the body that Glory was inhabiting and
3. Buffy's Speech to Dawn at the End of "The Gift"- I am putting these together because I hope to post the video of the last ten minutes of this episode below.

4. Willow-The cutest darn witch ever. Also the character that i thought grew the most throughout the 7 seasons of the show. And I love Alyson Hanigan.

5. Buffy's speech to the Watcher's Council and the Reveal That Glory is a God- Brilliant speech defending her friends and her tenure as a Slayer. Great "oh" moment when Quentin tells Buffy that Glory is not a Demon, but a God.

6. The Moment When Buffy and Angel reveal they had tricked Faith- Another great "Oh" moment, even using a bit of slow motion to great effect.

7."Once More With Feeling"- I think this may be the best single episode of a television show...EVER. Brilliantly written, sung and acted. And still one of the most brilliant plot device methods to reveal information to other characters.`

8. The Final Episode- I go back and forth whether I like this better than "The Gift"(the Season 5 finale-and what was possibly the end of the show). It's a great ending to the show.

9. Oz- Funny, funny, funny. And his moments with Willow are very sweet.

10. Jenny Calendar- Yummy. I hated that they killed her.

So there you have it. Anyone have any opinions ?


Avitable said...


1. I liked Riley at first, and when he came back with his fiancee, I liked him then. Otherwise, I agree.

2. Kendra's death scene was awesome. She did suck.

3&4. I love Anya's character and I wish that they hadn't killed her, but I thought the way that they did it was the way it should have been.

5. Wood's stuff with Faith was pretty good in the finale, though.

6. Xander was awesome! He saved the world from evil Willow, lost his eye, loved Buffy, and became Nick Fury in the comic. I disagree with this one.

7. I used to agree, but if you rewatch the season as a unit on DVD, it flows much better and isn't nearly as whiny.

8-10. Yup.


1. Faith was good, but I thought she became a bit two-dimensional.

2. This moment was awesome. Giles doing what Buffy couldn't, to a human no less, was one of my favorite moments of the series.

3. Joss wrote some of the best speeches for Buffy.

4. Yup.

5. That's another great one.

6. I love this scene! When Buffy says that to Angel and Faith realizes it - such a great moment.

7. I've seen this at least 100 times. It is the best episode of television ever made. I agree.

8. I loved the finale, and the fact that when they met in the school it was just like the first season.

9. He was a good character, but I liked her lesbian arc much better.

10. I didn't really like her, but the scene with her death was amazing.

Nicely done!

Paticus said...

Avitable- #4- it wasn't so much how they killed her,I thought how she died fit well with her speech at the hospital earlier in the episode, but I thought they should have showed Xander being a little upset or soemthing.I didn't like that he made a joke and that was it. I think that's one of the times that I hated Xander.
#7-I'll have to give it another shot.

Zooomabooma said...

Too bad the show was recently pulled off the air. Was on FX around 7 a.m. until the September changes.

I've gotta say my all-time favorite episode was the one where Buffy looked hot. (I think that's all of them and really that's a good enough reason for me to watch!)