Thursday, September 20, 2007

"I'm listening....keep riffin' "

The title is from an SCTV skit called "Black Like Vic"( which was a spoof of "Black Like Me"), which also contained this classic exchange:
"Who are you ?"
"People call me Bubba."
"I'm sorry. people can be cruel sometimes."
"But it's my name."

I'm probably not doing any of the lines justice, but they are in my head, and they are making me giggle, so there they are...

Anyways...The title of the post says it all...I'm just riffin' today, my friends...A little verbal jazz fusion...a little scat, if you will...some drums/space for my Deadhead brothers and sisters...Just letting it flow...

I know some people disagree, but caffeine free colas taste DIFFERENT...and not in a good way...

I finally started reading the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 comic book last night. I only got through the first one, but quite the revelation at the end there.

I'm listening to the Stones on the old iPod this morning, and I am digging it, getting my Ya-Ya's out, so to speak. "Just My Imagination(Running away With Me)" is up right now.

Chewing some "Trident Tropical Twist"- it's alliterative, AND delicious !!

I bought The Simpsons "Testify" last night- pretty good, but it doesn't have 'Moe Moe Moe" by the Moe Szyslak Experience, and it doesn't have closing credit song by Shawn Colvin from the episode where Maud Flanders dies...And WHERE are the Party Posse songs ? Other than that, it's fun, and it has some dialogue from the episodes as well.

I spell "episodes " wrong a lot.

My dog ate the post I had planned for today.

Then a gator ate my dog.

Apparently, that won Michael Vick 200 bucks.

In other football news, The Dallas Cowboys are 2 and 0...This makes me happy.

Does salsa fall under the umbrella term of "dips" when talking about snacks ? Or does "Chips and salsa" have to be specified ?

I think that's sufficient riffage...It's time for lunch...Tuna on wheat, if you're interested.

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Avitable said...

The Buffy comic has been outstanding!