Monday, October 15, 2007

Beware The Ides Of Rocktober !!!

I just remembered that it's "Rocktober", and it's already halfway gone !!!

And this comes after I totally missed Zep-tember !!!!

I gotta get a move on !!

I gotta start a rockin' !!

I gotta start a rollin' !!!

I gotta be-bop a luba !! I gotta shake my grooove thang !!! I gotta jump back and kiss myself !!
I gotta drop it like it's hot !!!

I gotta enlist in the Kiss Army !!

I gotta do the neutron dance...and the safety dance...and do my zoom zoom zoom in your boom boom...

I gotta get my little red corvette and my pink cadillac out on Route 66 !!!

I gotta get my kicks !!!!

I gotta get 8 miles high !!!!!

I gotta get the walrus to the strawberry fields forever !!!

I gotta go hear Uncle John's Band by the riverside !!

I gotta watch the detectives !!!

There is a helluva lot to get done !!!!

Bring me my boogie shoes and my keytar !! It's mutherhumping ROCK-FUCKING-TOBER !!!!

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