Thursday, November 08, 2007

Ask Paticus....

A new feature here at the old Flats...What do you want to know ? Go ahead and ask...

We'll start with this one...

A Richard Feder of Fort Lee, New Jersey, writes:

"Paticus, I really feel that South Park might be the most brilliant television show of all time. What is your read on this?"

Paticus replies:

Richard- what a can of worms this is, huh ? A Pandora's Box, if you will.
Sunken Pirate Booty, all wrapped up in golden chains...A creamy chocolate eclair dipped in arsenic..A warm mug of oolong tea with a Sunoco 360 chaser...The most brilliant television show of all time ? A debate that has raged through the ages...Ever since the very first television show: " Socrates': I'll drink that for a dollar !! "(one episode- poor planning- but one could argue it went out on top- before it got stale- no"Jumping the Shark" so to speak)-

And what about some of the other magical hours and half hours that television has provided : " I Married Dora", "CopRock","E.R.", "Ten Speed and Brownshoe" ?
Can anyone really say which was the most brilliant ? Aren't they all brilliant in their own way ? It reminds me of a long lost song from the '70's- " Take Me home, Country Roads" by John Denver- is West Virginia REALLY almost heaven ? I think that maybe it is...And I think that South Park might just be the most brilliant show of all time..At least in the top ten...That's' right folks...It's the Paticus Top Ten...
Top Ten Most Brilliant Shows Of All Time !!
In no particular order:

Twin Peaks
The State(MTV)
South Park
The Simpsons
Mr. Show w/Bob and David
Murder, She Wrote
Any of the 11,000 versions of Law & Order that seem to be on every second of every day Action
The Brady Bunch
DeGrassi Jr. High, DeGrassi High & DeGrassi TheNext Generation

Richard, I hope that helps.

Toodles- Paticus

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