Monday, December 17, 2007

" No His Mind Is Not For Rent..."

"To any God or government."

Does listening to "Tom Sawyer" by Rush turn EVERYONE into a kick-ass air drummer, or is it just me ?

By the way, I am writing this from my high class room at the Comfort Suites in beautiful down town Lumberton, North Carolina as we are on the road to Joisey for the holidays.
Here are my notes so far:

All drivers but me SUCK.

There are a lot of animals that are apparently not as fast as they think they are.

The rest stop bathroom that I had to take a dump in today made me want to soak my ass in rubbing alcohol and then light it on fire.

More later.


Zooomabooma said...

Rush, once upon a time my favorite band. Haven't listened to 'em in awhile but Neil Peart -- without a doubt one of the best drummers ever!!!

Gotta love that East Coast travel corridor!

Here's a tip, man -- Flying J Truck Stops/Travel Plaza dealies.

They always clean bathrooms!

Places are great if ya ever need to spend the night sleeping in your car when traveling. I'm not sure any Rest Areas on the East Coast allow all night parking but at a Flying J it's no problem! Then there's a warm clean bathroom in the morning not to mention coffee and a full breakfast if ya wanna sit and chow!

Paticus said...

Zoom- Flying J- I will keep that in mind.

Anonymous said...

This might sound nuts but I'd even look up at where they are before your next roadtrip. I'm such a fan of these places, clean, good food, convenience store, gas, safe overnight parking if you need to.

If I remember correctly, one in a great location is maybe 10 or so miles south of Fairfax, Virginia.

Good rest stops on 95 in Maryland so Northbound it's great to get all your business done, if you have to, before the craziness that exists, for the most part, between the Fairfax/D.C. area and the NYC area.

Southbound it's great 'cause once you get through all that craziness, traffic, beltways, etc, it's like an oasis. You hit the Flying J there and once you get back on the highway, it's usually open cruising for awhile before you hit Richmond which you pass in no time.

Anyway, yeah, I ramble but Flying J's worth it! I oughta see if they're on the Stock exchange and buy stock!