Monday, January 28, 2008

Pirates of the Crapibbean: When Will It End ?

The only good thing about the 45 minutes that I wasted watching the third installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy ?

I didn't waste 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Jesus, it was interminable...Is that a word ? It feels like one...It's a smart sounding way of saying painful and endless, right ? It's the same word my parents used to describe my medley of songs form the musical "Hair" that I performed at the Community theater. That's enough memory lane, back to the pile of shit.

I spoke with someone this morning who told me that it gets better, but I am sorry, 45 minutes is plenty of time for a movie to get good, especially the 3rd movie in a trilogy(which really, really should have stopped at 1 movie- can we all just admit that ?), there really should not have to be any exposition, should there ?

It sucked so bad, I could not even watch it long enough to see Keith Richards, and I fucking LOVE me some Keith Richards.

Okay, I have no real constructive criticism, so I'll just shut my big yapper, but I needed to vent a wee bit.


Anonymous said...

I bet you could YouTube Mr. Richards' scene. (Yes, YouTube is my answer for everything).

c2 said...

Whoops, that was me.

Avitable said...

I watched the second one, was completely stupefied, and didn't even bother with the third.

Paticus said...

Anonymopus C2: i will have to check on that. I always seem to forget YouTube exists just at the point it could help me.

Avitable: You are a smarter man than I am, for I, too was stupefied(great word, by the way) by the end of the second one, but I went against my instincts,and I said, "well, maybe the third one will make sense of it all." Ugh!! Nice birthday haul, by the way.