Monday, February 04, 2008

It's a Miracle !!!!!!!

Or...It's one of the signs of Armageddon...

Today, I will place in the mailbox, all 3 of our Netflix(or is it Netflixes ? I think it's Netflix) !! One of which(Hot Fuzz) we ahve had since September 26th of 2007.

Full Netflix turnover !! I can't remember the last time this has happened. We almost always have one movie that we hold onto forever. Before Hot Fuzz, it was the Last King Of Scotland, which I think we had for about 6 months. So this is pretty big news.

Whats' that ? You would like to know what the three movies are, and what I thought of them ? Why, I would be delighted to share that information with you.

As previously mentioned, one of the films was "Hot Fuzz", a buddy/cop/action movie spoof by(I believe) the same folks that brought you "Shaun of The Dead"- It was pretty damned funny. I laughed my "arse" off.

2. the Omen 666- Apparently, 666 waas added onto this remake of The Omen. it was "meh". wasn't god awful, but didn't seem particularly necessary either.

3. Hard Candy- Movie about a pedophile and a teenage girl(played by Ellen Page- so great in Juno). Not great, but interesting. The acting is pretty good. The movie is not completely effective, but it was very watchable, which is certainly more thatn I can say about that fucking pirate's Of the Carribbean:End of the World. God that SUCKED SO BAD...Okay, I promised myself I wouldn't rant again on that swashfuckling piece of shit.

I think I'll move on with my day. I suggest you do the same.

Smell ya later.

By the by, is anyone else who uses Blogger haveing trouble with the SpellCheck ? Mine deosn't seem to do shit.

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