Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Not A Taste Sensation....

So, I saw the commercials and the print ads for Diet Chocolate Cherry Dr. Pepper, and, quite frankly, it made me giddy like a schoolgirl. Chocolate and cherries go together well, it is a flavor combination that I enjoy(Cella chocolate covered cherries,anyone ?), and it was in a diet soda, so it would not send me into a sugar coma. Bonus for me. Great taste...No diabetic coma...It's win/win !!!
Needless to say(though not needless enough that I won't say it anyway,apparently), when I saw that there was only one 12 pack of this(sure-to-be) delightful taste treat on the store shelf, I kicked a Girl Scout who was in a wheelchair in the throat to get my hands on it.
I brought the liquid gold home, and quickly placed it into a chilling mechanism that we like to call a "refrigerator".
I waited as long as I could, and then I ran to the kitchen, filled a glass with ice, and cracked open a can of this(sure-to-be) beverage of the Gods. I inhaled the aroma from the can, and then poured it over the ice. The bubbles fizzed and danced in the air above the glass. I was almost breathless with anticpation of this (sure-to-be)taste sensation I was about to experience. I raised the glass to my lips.

And I drank. Hmmm...that doesn't taste very good. It must not have settled properly over the ice, I'll have a second taste. No, that's not very good either. It must not be cold enough, I'll wait a few minutes and let that old ice work it's magic.
Several minutes later, I took another sip. Nope, still tatses kinda like a Tootsie Roll dissolved into cherry cough syrup.
Desperate to enjoy this beverage, I decided that I would let the cold box, or "refrigerator", work it's magic, for certainly, it had to be that pesky ice tainting this taste treat.
Several hours later, I popped open another can, and took a long swallow. Still tasted like crap. I was heartbroken. My taste buds felt robbed. They still do.
Damn you Diet Chocolate Cherry Dr. Pepper !! Damn you straight to hell !!!!!


c2 said...

Dr. Pepper sucks. That should have been your first clue ;)

sh said...

c2 can have her opinion. Dr. Pepper is fine. Diet Dr. Pepper is fine. The real problem is that this is a dink with not one, but two additional things tacked onto its name, or rather dumped into its can (for this discussion a diet soda is just as much of the "base drink" as is non-diet 'cause I don't want Paticus going into a sugar coma). Any soda company that tries to expand by intruding a new (and certainly inferior) soda by disguising said new soda as a flavor variation of the original, tired and true soda, should fail. And fail miserably. Especially something like Dr. Pepper that already advertises itself as 23 taste sensations in one. Chocolate Dr. Pepper? Boooo. Cherry Dr. Pepper? Hisssss. Chocolate Cherry Dr. Pepper? That’s right. Booo Hiss.

Cherry Coke is the one exception to this fact of soda formulation.

Paticus said...

c2- I must disagree. i don't love Dr. pepper, but it can be a refreshing change every once in awhile. and I think my love of the Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. pepper is fairly well documented.

sh- Interesting theory, but I do like me some Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper.