Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Another Weird-Ass Dream That Was Weird-Ass In It's Weird-Assiness

This dream was super fucking random, I'm not sure I can do it justice, but I will try...

It starts with me and 4 other people running towards this HUGE-ASS house. I don't know any of the people I am running with, but one is an older man wearing a lab coat. I also remember that one of them was a woman. the other two I don't remember at all.

We are running across this enormous estate towards the aforementioned HUGE-ASS house, which is lit up a Christmas tree- floodlights everywhere, it's super bright. Before we get to the house(yes the HUGE-ASS house), we come upon this long, tall stone wall(hey, that kinda rhymes-and that reminds me, I have not graced you with any of my poetry in a long-ass time, methinks I need to correct that soon, but not right now). the wall has all of these rectangular plaques on them...I think they might be memorials, and then, one of them pops off the wall, and out of the hole behind it, climbs...Peter Boyle, made up like the Monster from Young Frankenstein

And come to think of it, the woman that was in my group may have looked like this:

But this guy was not in my dream:

And THIS was not the guy in the lab coat:

And finally, SHE was not in my dream either:

But that's enough of that...So, the Monster comes popping out of the wall, and we all scream and run off towards the house...And I distinctly remember thinking in my dream that I was glad it was the Monster, and not the Wolfman, or one of the Zombies from one of the recent Zombie movies, because the Monster was pretty slow, so we could probably get away from it.

Which we did. Though we could always see him, so we were not a speedy as I had hoped. We got to the house, and as luck would have it, the door was open. It was very large(but not HUGE-ASS), and had an elaborate set of locks on it, that we secured once we were inside.

We peeked out the window and we saw the Monster coming up the hill towards the house. He was moving very slowly, so we thought we would be safe for a little while, and we could scope out the house and plan our next move.

Our next move became working on making filling for mini ice cream cones.It seems that we were competing against three other groups to see who could make the best mini ice cream cone fillings. I was not sure why we were doing this, but I was hoping that we had been somehow transported to Top Chef, and that maybe I was gonna get to meet Padma.

We were working on our fillings(I don't remember what we were making, but I know that they were pretty tasty, and that Padma was going to love them...I don't know whether that jerky Tom would like them or not,...And I didn't care) when, suddenly, there was a noise down the hall. We looked out into the hall to see people streaming into the house. They just kept walking in. It turned into hundreds of people. I guess they were there to sample the mini ice cream cones, but we weren't making near that many. We kept thinking that the Monster would walk in, but he never did.

I started making my way through the crowd(though I don't know why), and I ended up back outside. Now, there were THOUSANDS of people in and around the house, there was no way we were going to have enough mini ice cream cones for all these people. I made my way through the crowd to warn my team.

I made it back to my team, and they were all looking out the window. I looked out the window, too and saw some guy taking a piss in the bushes. We all started asking him what the hell he thought he was doing, peeing in the bushes like that. he started yelling something at us, and then I woke up.


Miss Ann Thrope said...

No more LSD after 9:00 PM for you!

Paticus said...

Aww, no fair !!