Monday, March 03, 2008

Meet My Ties: Volume 3 !!!!

Wow, Volume 3 already. I'll tell you what, the Marketing Department(not Mr. Moorehead, of course) had their doubts about the potential for this feature, but the public response has been through the motherhumping roof !!! Did you see our feature on Good Morning Wichita ? and Grant Michaelson of Blogs & Such magazine really gave us a glowing review!! Outstanding !!

Enough tooting of my own horn, on with the ties !!!!

I like to call this one my "Fiesta Tie". It's an ugly tie, but I think it falls into a category that I like to call "So ugly that it comes back out on the other side of ugly" ugly. Here is a more detailed shot:

You know what it looks like to me ? I always look at this tie and think " It looks like a piƱata ate a birthday cake(with the candles on it) and then threw up."

I don't think there's much need to add anything else.


Feral Mom said...

I always liked this one. Then again, I like vomiting pinatas.

Paticus said...

Feral Mom- I like it too. Hell, I bought it. I just do think that it looks like a paper mache animal ate a birthday cake and regurgitated it.