Monday, March 31, 2008

Meet My Ties: Volume 6: Play Ball !!!!!

This week's tie : New York Mets IV by Ralph Marlin & Co. 100 % silk.

Once gain, this is the tie I am wearing today. I'm wearing this tie today because today is Opening day for my beloved New York Mets. Today, they begin to put the ugly, ugly end to last season behind them.
Let's Go Mets !!!!!!

Sorry that the close-up photo is a little blurry, but who am I, Ansel Adams ? Plus, in honor of the baseball season, I have been scarfing down hot dogs and drinking beer all morning.
So, there is Volume 6 of Meet My Ties.
Let's Go Mets !!!!!!!

1 comment:

Zoooma said...

Ansel Adams wouldn't be takin' no stinkin' pictures of a Mets tie! (He'd probably be a Colorado Rockies fan anyway.)

6-0 Mets through 3½!

(Free MLB Extra Innings for awhile so I'm gettin' to watch the game!)

I've gotta say, I'm excited about Opening Day ... but still even if the Mets can have a healthy 1st Place lead all season heading into September ... oi! No guarantee of anything.

It's gonna be rough surviving this year.