Monday, April 28, 2008

Meet The Ties: Volume 10!!!

This Week's Tie:
Batman 1
by RM Style
100% Silk
Made in The USA
Imported Fabric

The Batman tie. I wanted this tie for a looooong time, but I could never find it. I would find Batman ties that actually had the Batman character on it, but I really wanted the Bat Signal. I remember that when Batman Begins came out, I thought that they might produce a new Bat Signal tie. No such luck. Obviously, I finally found it...on EBay. I was bidding against one other person, but i got it for a whopping 5 dollars and 50 cents !! Whoo-hoo !!
The day after I learned that I had one the auction, I got an e-mail from the guy I was bidding against,and he explained to me that the tie was supposed to be his, but he was at work when the auction closed, so he couldn't put in another bid. I wrote back and kindly told him that first of all, I had made my final bid at least a day before the auction ended, and secondly, he was SOL and I was keeping the tie.
I didn't hear from him again.
And that's the very exciting story of my Batman tie. Here's a close-up for some more detail.

Holy haberdashery, Batman !!! Sorry, I couldn't resist.



Zooomabooma said...

So we meet again. I knew the day would come when I'd bump into the jackass who STOLE the tie that is SUPPOSED TO BE MINE. Hand it over, biotche.

Paticus said...

You !!
Never !!
This tie is mine !! Mine, I tell you !!!