Monday, June 23, 2008

Meet My Ties: Volume 18 !!!

The Bow Tie & Cummerbund
by Santana Formal Accessories, Inc.
100 % Cotton
This what I wore with my tux at my wedding. I know it's 100% cotton, because it had to be i n order for it to be tie-dyed successfully, and it is far from standard for bow ties and cummerbunds to be white and 100% cotton.
I ordered it from a tux shop on Westwood Boulevard in Los Angeles(they special ordered two for me- one for me, and one for my best man).
And then I mailed them off to a place in Michigan called Dyer Wolf.
This is what I received in the mail.
I loved it! Here's a closer look at the tie.
Have a good day, Crimestoppers !!


sh said...

cool. it's not often that the groom gets special order or custom stuff.

Paticus said...

sh- Thanks. i have often been told that I'm "special".