Monday, June 30, 2008

Meet My Ties Volume 19 !!!!

Before we get down to the business of ties, I would like to remind you of my crusade to Bring back Vanilly Crunch !! I would appreciate your support. Thanks in advance.

Now, today's tie:
Homer in a Towel by Briefly Stated
100% silk
Made In Korea

Pretty self explanatory, really. It's Homer answering the phone wearing a towel, and saying "You'll have to speak up, I'm wearing a towel."

Here's a closer look.

Of course, if you watch the show, you will remember that this scene occurred while Homer was at work.

Have a happy Monday, Crimestoppers !!

And remember, Bring Back Vanilly Crunch !!!


Avitable said...

Yet another tie winner!

Paticus said...

Avitable- Thank you sir. i think it's one of my top 5 faves.
have you joined the fight to Bring back Vanilly Crunch yet ?

Avitable said...

I will join the fight.

Paticus said...

bless you, sir !!!