Monday, June 09, 2008

Meet My Ties:Volume 16 !


Kenny Heads Tie
by Ralph Marlin
100% Polyester
Made In the USA
One of my 2 South Park ties. This one was bought right after the initial wave of South Park mania. I bought this tie for $4 at the Suncoast store in the WestSide Pavilion in Los Angeles California.
There' not much else to say about it really, except that South Park remains one of the funniest thing son television. Here are some closer looks at the Faces Of Kenny!!

Enjoy your Mondays, you bastards !!!


Avitable said...

That's another great one.

-sh said...

Super. I'm watching SP right now, as a transition from home work to bedtime. I'm sooo overtired I can't sleep.

I see Loyola has a one year Public History instructor opening. Maybe Special Lady could work out an "exchange year" so the Flats Family could hang out with all of us in Chicago again?

Paticus said...

Avitable- Thank you, sir. And it was a bargain!

sh- I have alerted her to the situation. We'll have to see what happens. it's nice to know that we're welcome in old Chi-Town !