Thursday, June 26, 2008

School Of Rock :Epilogue:Scalpers & Miracles:AKA:Didja Get Tickets, Part 3

Jesus Christ, THREE fucking posts about Concert tickets ?!?!?!?! Are you shitting me ?

Alas, I am not, but this one should not be long, hence, the reason for it being called the "Epilogue". Just a little something to tie it all up. A little piece on the Apex and nadir of the concert ticket allocation system. The "miracle ticket" and the "scalped ticket".

Now, I'm not even going to go into "ticket brokers", quite frankly, because I don't really want to.
I don't really have a lot to say about your more garden variety scalpers, either. I have purchased a ticket or two for a concert for more than the face value. I have never SOLD an 3extra ticket for more than face value, however.

I remember one time, we were up in Saratoga to see...Can you guess ? Say it with me: The Grateful Dead!!, and we did not have tickets, and I ended up buying one from a guy wandering along the road as we were driving to the parking lot. i think I paid somewhere around 60 bucks for the ticket(which did earn me the privilege of sitting next to a guy who decided that Bob Weir was a "fag now" because he had a pink guitar. Yikes)my friends were more fiscally responsible, and I do believe they ended up inside as well, eventually.

I also remember walking around Madison Square Garden in the rain in September of 1987 trying to get tickets, and failing, and missing an exquisite "Morning Dew", as well as one of the novelty performances of "La Bamba" tucked into the middle of "Good Lovin".

On the topic of Miracle tickets. Those are tickets to Dead shows that you get in the lot when someone just gives it you. Free of charge. I was the recipient of one of these tickets once. It was actually a friend of mine, but she gave me her ticket to the show because she had seen the previous night's show, and I was not gonna see them on the tour at all(broke-ass broke, I was). And because she was(and is) a fantastic person, and one of the many people in my life who have been far kinder to me than I probably deserved-So, cheers to you, KSW, you are one of the best, my friend. Though she did warn me, just as I went in, that if they played "Queen Jane" or "Mighty Quinn", she might kill me. Thankfully for me, they did not.

I was able to miracle someone once as well. It was a Jerry Garcia Band show at the Meadowlands(Byrne Arena, to be precise) on Halloween. In the interest of full disclosure, I did try to sell the ticket first, at face value, but when I had no takers, I just handed it to this girl we were passing by, and the look on her face was more than worth the price of the ticket.

I think that's it for my discourse on scalpers and miracles. See, that was not so bad, now was it ?

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