Monday, July 21, 2008

Meet My Ties Volume 20 !!!!

Wow, you poor folks have had to wait 3 WHOLE WEEKS for this 20th installment of Meet My Ties! I am very sorry about that, and it will not happen again. I will not go into the reasons for the absence of this feature, but let's just say that the Dutch are not without fault, and leave it at that, okay ?
Fortunately, this week's tie was well worth the wait.

Crossword Puzzle by Bar-On
Hand Made

You see that ? The tie looks like a crossword puzzle. Pretty cool huh ?
Well, just wait until I regale you with the tale behind the tie, my friends. To quote Samuel L. Jackson in Jurassic Park..."Everybody hold on to your butts." But first, here's a closer look at the tie:

Even nicer close up isn't it ? Sure it is.
Okay, you have waited long enough,and your checks have cleared, so here is the tale of how I came to own the Crosswords tie:

It was an unseasonably warm night in November of 1999. My Special Lady and I were living in Los Angeles at the time, and we decided to go out for some gelato. We had our own special gelato place that was just around the corner from our apartment, it was called HEY !!GELATO !!! and it was owned a operated by a nice gentleman named Gus. Gus was always experimenting with new flavors for gelato- Guacamole gelato, hummus gelato, strawberry gelato, barbecued spare rib gelato, potato salad gelato, bubble gum gelato, and, our favorite-ham and cheese on rye gelato.

Being that it was so warm, the place was packed when we got there. We got on line and waited our turn. Gus himself waited on us, and he told us all about the special flavors for the day: I decided on the corned beef and cabbage gelato, while My Special Lady selected the Caesar salad gelato. We paid Gus, and we went on our way.

As we left the store, we noticed that Hollywood big shot and crossword puzzle enthusiast Greg Evigan(he of My Two Dads and BJ and The Bear fame) was enjoying a gelato on one of the nearby benches. we were walking by when he started coughing a sputtering. We quickly realized that he was choking. I leaped to action and performed the Heimlich maneuver. The obstruction went flying into the street, and Mr. Evigan was able to breathe normally again. it turned out that he was eating the chicken teriyaki gelato, and he was not aware that there were chunks of chicken in the gelato, and one had lodged itself in his throat.

He was very gracious and appreciative of my quick thinking and heroic action. He said that he wanted to make it up to me. i told him that it was not necessary. But he insisted, and he proceeded to remove the tie he was wearing and give it to me as a gift. That's right, Crimstoppers, it was this very Crossword puzzle tie.

Pretty cool tale, huh ? Well worth the wait, wouldn't you say ?

Enjoy your Monday, crimestoppers !!

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