Saturday, August 09, 2008

A Big Part Of Why I'm Really Not A Dog Person...

I was walking over to the pool in our apartment complex with My Special Lady and our just south of three year old twin girls this afternoon, and this woman comes around the corner with her dog.
This dog sees my children, instantly starts to growl and lunges at us.
The woman laughs and says, "He's really a nice dog."
Um...No he's fucking not. He sees my kids as lunch, completely unprovoked, he's not a nice fucking dog!! And I'm not sure whether you're telling a bigger lie to me or to yourself.
I have no issue with well trained dogs, whether they are friendly or not. I don't approach strange dogs, so as long as the dog is under control, we have no problem.
But for this lady to try and tell me that he's "really a nice dog" just fucking pisses me off.

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