Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mon, 1/18/38

Do you see that date in the name of this post ? It seems fairly innocuous, doesn't it ?
Well, it is NOT innocuous, and it's freaking me out!!
You wanna know why ?
Because apparently someone is sending me messages form either the future or the past !!
That's right, crimestoppers. That date up there is the date that an e-mail was sent to me, here in 2008!! So someone is either sending me a message from 2038, or from 1938. I am leaning towards 2038, because the concept of someone having the capacity to send an e-mail from 1938 is a little bit too much from my brain to handle. that's like 5 hits of blotter acid stuff, and I am just not mentally equipped to deal with that anymore.
Not that the concept of an e-mail from the future is much more settling, but at least the internets will presumably still exist thirty years from now.
But still, man, an e-mail from the FUTURE ?!!?? Christ on toast, that is blowing my mind. I think I'm just gonna put on some Jefferson Airplane and sit in the dark for awhile...

"one pill makes you larger..."

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Anonymous said...

its easy to hack a email to make it appear to be from the future so it shows up at the top of your list, its quite common